Whole30 Complete!

And we’ve arrived at the final day. I don’t have much to post up because I didn’t take pictures again but the 30 days I set out to cover are now over.

I, however, am not done trying to figure things out with my body. I stil have some quirks going on that I mentioned previously and I REALLY want to figure out what is going on. Is it on its way out? Is my body getting back into its rightful balance and this is just a side effect of that? Or has my body developed some other kind of allergy that wasn’t quite there before? Who knows. As much as I want some froyo, it won’t be conducive to my mission.

Meal 1: The usual eggs with veggies.

Meal 2: Raw cabbage and leftover pork and a nectarine.

Meal 3: Two salads, haha. Finished one that my mother made but was too much for her to finish and then made my own with some shredded chicken. Another nectarine.

I won’t be posting my stuff everyday from this point out. I will, however, keep updates on the changes that I am seeking/observing.


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