Whole30 Day 27

Yesterday was the annual Gobblerfest at Virginia Tech during which student organizations go out and give information about what they do and how and why to join. I worked my way around the TONS of booths and settled on a few that I thought would interest me.

  • Outdoor Club
  • Fitness & Nutrition Club
  • Cave Club
  • Hsing-I Kung Fu Club
  • aaaaand The Science Fiction and Fantasy Club (my inner nerd had to be appeased)

I’m pretty excited about these. Being a student at a new school and having friends that have all graduated by now, this’ll be a good opportunity to get some socializing done, else I overload on school and work.

Meal 1:

Meal 2:

This salad was awesome. I mixed some spicy brown mustard with balsamic vinegar and tahini for the dressing. Dear heavenly father, we thank you for this wonderful combination of ingredients that culminates into a dressing of ecstasy, amen. XD

Meal 3:

I was hungry as hell by the time I ate last night so I decided to go with a 1.2 lb. steak with mushrooms and mashed sweet potato. Don’t worry about the veggies. I had another rather large bowl of salad.

I thought being at my dad’s house for the weekend was going to be easy for the remainder of my Whole30 (he considers himself paleo). I was wrong. He wants to make BBQ chicken Sunday and he picked what was probably the worst sauce for any Whole30 undertaker. His response was first, “So what, it’s not gona kill you.” Ohhhh, silly father. After some convincing his revision was, “Then I’ll just throw yours on the grill plain.” Plain chicken, psht! I shall not relent, however!

A very good day to you. Until next time.


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