Whole30 Day 25

The days are starting to blend. I’ve set up a nice little routine for myself now and it’s sufficiently conducive to getting everything I need done on time…unless I’m missing something. One thing I’ve been trying to focus on this semester of school is fully immersing myself in EVERYTHING that I do. This includes the mundane tasks of reading a nutrition book that tells me to stop eating so much cholesterol and saturated fat and that I can only be healthy if I eat plenty of grains.

Note: this doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it 😛

I’ve also been trying to get into the habit of doing things NOW. If I have something that needs to be done and I have time to do it, get it done. Combine that with full immersion and my work just flies by. When I’m all caught up, I then take my earned break. I’ve done my work, now it’s time to enjoy some relaxation. And that relaxation time becomes sooo much more enjoyable this way (it makes football that much better, haha).

Prior to setting myself up with this mentality I used to loathe being busy. I wanted nothing more than to just have infinite free time on my hands so that I could read or play video games all day. This caused me to perpetually desire the future. I hated that I had work to do so I said life sucks now but it’ll be better this weekend, thus I would mope around. Then when the weekend rolled around I would think about my next bout of work and be pissed off that it was soon to come up again, thus I would mope around. There’s no enjoyment in that type of life.

I guess my point is that all that has changed and I can say that I’m glad to be in my situation exactly because it’s mine and I love everything I do. As I said before, it makes my actual free time that much more enjoyable.

Alright. Now I’m rambling.

Meal 1: Eggs with zucchini and eggplant.

Meal 2: Fiesta lime chicken mixed with tahini and a mango (haven’t had one of these in a while).

Meal 3: Since my training yesterday counted as work, I was given a meal voucher to use on campus. I got a small chicken leg with some broccoli which wasn’t enough so I also got a large salad. The salad was priced by weight (no bueno for me) and ended up being over $10 which the voucher didn’t cover. The cashier didn’t know what to do so she just used the voucher for the chicken and gave me the salad for free 😀 I offered to pay but I think they just wanted me to leave at that point, haha.

This is similar to my excitement when I saw the salad bar, kippah and all.

On that though, it’d be funny to wear one of those hats with my last name embroidered on it XD

That’s all for today!


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