Whole30 Day 22

Alright, here’s the deal. Even though yesterday was Sunday and I literally didn’t leave the house all day, I still managed to be busy enough to forget how to remember. Or maybe I remembered how to forget. Either way, no pictures were taken and there was also no weekend meal with mother 😦

Meal 1: Eggs with broccoli and eggplant.

Meal 2: Chicken breast with cabbage and zucchini. Apple. Handful of grapes.

Meal 3: Another whole chicken roast! These are starting to grow on me. I tried to make a guacamole type rub for it but I must have left it under-seasoned because there wasn’t a whole lot of flavor there. A large sweet potato. Garlic roasted cauliflower.

There isn’t much to update about myself so I’ll give on on my mother! I think she’s about a week and a half in right now and going strong. She really seems to like the way the Whole30 is designed and how easily she can apply it. She’s one of those people that has tried multiple types of diets only to either never really get started or not continue with it long enough. I’m really proud of her for taking a step as large as she has to initiate this course of action.

The best part is that she ENJOYS it. I don’t know her exact reasons, but she isn’t really applying this as a diet. She had to make pretty significant changes in what she ate in order to comply to the Whole30 rules, but she did. We even went through the cabinets and threw away everything that wasn’t allowed!

I think the main reason why this program is working so well for her, and works so well for others, is that it’s a program designed for self improvement of the physical being (overall health of one’s body). It’s not a program or diet designed or implemented for the sake of improving one’s psychological state in that they just want to feel better about themselves or look better. There are certainly elements of that, however (it’s not meant as a means to and end for fat loss. It’s designed to completely change your overall relationship with food.) It’s a lifestyle (again, it’s rearranging your take on eating and dieting as a whole. It’s not simply a way to lose weight or fix that nasty eating habit. It’s a tool to push you in the right direction towards a healthier you).

In other words, it’s a different perspective on the traditional idea of dieting (viewing the diet as a noun and not a verb). It would benefit most people to be able to apply this to other aspects of their lives as well. The hard part is being your own authority.

Good job Whole30 😀


4 responses to “Whole30 Day 22

  1. YAY!!! That is so awesome. I love hearing stuff like that, congratulations to BOTH of you.

    Now I’m going to be a stickler…. I don’t know if it’s the wording and I misinterpreted you or if it’s a point of disagreement. I’m assuming the former? You said it’s not a program designed to improve one’s psychological state? That’s EXACTLY what it is. The whole purpose of the program is not only to mend your body but to mend your relationship with it. Moreover, I would say ‘it’s another perspective on the traditional idea of dieting’ in that it’s not a diet the verb, it’s a diet the noun. The goal truly is not to lose weight, although that happens in many cases, it is a by product. TROLLLLLLLING YOUR BLOG AGAIN! AHRHARHEWHIRJE

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