Whole30 Day 21

Since NFL regular season is right around the corner it’s customary to get a fantasy team and pretend like something is at stake. But seriously, having a fantasy team makes watching football so much more fun. As a Steelers fan, I found myself rooting for Baltimore last year at some point :/ Really I just wanted Ray Rice and Anquan Boldin to get me them points.

I’m in a private league this year with two teams at once! This should be be good:

Team 1:

  • QB- Aaron Rodgers
  • RB- Matt Forte
  • RB- Adrian Peterson
  • WR- A.J. Green (might exchange for Colston)
  • WR- Calvin Johnson
  • TE- Antonio Gates
  • W/R- Victor Cruz
  • K- Sebastian Janikowski
  • DEF- Detroit

Team 2:

  • QB- Tom Brady
  • RB- BenJarvus Green-Ellis (law firm)
  • RB- LeSean McCoy
  • WR- Steve Smith
  • WR- Jordy Nelson
  • TE- Rob Gronkowski
  • W/R- Percy Harvin
  • K- Stephen Gostkowski
  • DEF- San Francisco

Pretty decent teams but I think 1 will do some work.

On to le eats

Meal 1: I just noticed that I forgot a picture of my eggs haha.


Fajita style. This is turning into my new craving. You just might be seeing more of these. Hey, that picture actually has some color to it!

Nuked sweet potato with ghee and cinnamon. So good.

Meal 3:

This turned out pretty good. I decided to switch things up with my cabbage and cooked it with some balsamic vinegar and red onion with a little garlic and ginger powder. I encourage the use of these flavors!

Meal 4:

At this point I got lazy and just threw some chicken, cauliflower, and curry in the pan.

And I may have had another bowl of iced banana smoothie thing XD


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